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Out-takes & old pieces. Killed ideas that live on. A place for happy accidents.


Brand stamp (& wink 😉) for a now-insolvent influencer agency

Space Invaders

Aliens & galaxies are always orbiting in our heads

Mr. Deer

Pure blacks and lines without modulation

Iconic Pieces

Or what we daydream of buying

Vanity Fair Gold Poll

Golden lettering for Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair Race Watches

Speedy type for an article by Anders Modig

Vanity Fair On Time Spring 2017

Unused cover proposal for the classic-themed watch supplement

Noir Characters

Detectives, femme fatale, mobsters, jazz... the perfect ingredients for a noir cocktail


The only time we like repeating ourselves

Villanueva Showing

Two realities united by a film


The crunch of leaves and smell of autumn air

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